Team Effectiveness

Driving Experiential Learning

Learning is limitless. Traditionally, it take place in a classroom but skills and knowledge are also derived from experiences. Learning that is derived from first and experiences is retained the most by our mind hence we at Inspire, ensure long lasting retention with experiential learning programs. To strengthen teams we have some very powerful programs: 4D Systems: How NASA Builds Teams, Firewalk and Glasswalk.

How NASA Builds Teams

Based on the work of Charlie Pellerin and featured in his hit book "How NASA Builds Teams", 4D System offers a deeply integrated model of authentic communication and transparent leadership. Inspire Coaching Systems has powerfully integrated 4-D with our four-quadrant and solution-focused coaching models to offer a complete comprehensive system for balanced 4D leadership. This program is ideal for business leaders, corporate managers and teams worldwide that want to bring the power of the 4D system to day-to-day business.

What is the power of Social Context?

Why is one company considered "innovative" while another is said to be "resistant to change?" Why are some projects successful while others spiral over budget and drag behind schedule. Consider that social context is the invisible force that controls team effectiveness. So what is the "formula of social context?" How can we use it to create effective team results? How can we avoid the cycle of reacting to unseen forces? The Inspire Coaching Systems 4D System is a fast and powerful program that rapidly shifts an organization into a balanced social context… one manager, one team and one leader at a time.

Ignite the Fire within

The firewalk is an optional barefoot walk across of red-hot glowing embers, between 8 and 10 feet. The coals are created by burning wood until if forms hot coal which burn at 1200 - 1500 degrees F. More than two million people have safely walked on fire, worldwide. Firewalking is about confronting your inner fear and learning to overcome them. For many it’s a life-changing experience. Once participant change their beliefs from limiting to empowering beliefs, they act differently. And those actions will produce superior results. This sort of transformation is the key to bring in lasting results and have self mastery.

Why Firewalk

These highly experiential sessions allow people to experience a source of high energy, which help them break their limiting beliefs Firewalk makes participants believe nothing means nothing is impossible, they can achieve anything and everything in life. Through these intensive sessions self realization, belief and confidence is created, which is must to achieve substantially big goals. These empowering session helps become redefine themselves so that themselves so that impossible become achievable for them.

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The participants will be able to:

Overcome fears and mind obstacles

Overcome self imposed limitations and Create Self Empowering Beliefs

Create a Breakthrough in Possibility Thinking

Re-question and challenge their existing patterns and ways of operating to as to move to next level of performance