Leadership Development

Leaders are transformed with a plethora of our offerings. Everyone evolves, right from new managers who find the balance between people and processes to seasoned leaders who embark on a journey to transform their leadership. Our programs also enable leaders to communicate with charisma to influence and inspire.

InsideOut-Enabling Self Mastery

This Life Changing Three day Workshop is about leadership at the personal and interpersonal levels. The Workshop inspires and motivates individuals to reach their true potential consistently and fulfil their aspirations. This is a breakthrough in the application of Performance Coaching in learning and development. A shift in belief systems from limiting to empowering, results in a positive shift in our actions to produce superior results. This experiential workshop focuses on integrated and iterative methodologies.

This program will help participants change their limiting beliefs & experience peak performance:
  • Have, Do and BE who you really want to become
  • Adopt Empowering Belief System, and make effective decision based on your core values
  • Align your Core Objectives with Organization’s Objectives
  • Manage yourself and your time more effectively
  • Take ownership, prepare yourself for tomorrow's challenges and emerge as an effective individual

Inspire Coaching Systems has helped thousands of individuals to become even effective in their personal and professional lives. The Program challenges an individual’s existing beliefs thereby finding new and empowering beliefs for themselves.

The program addresses 5 dimensions of human Development:

Inspire Coaching Systems, a licensed World Class Business and Performance Coaching Company. At Inspire, we have a determination for learning and development and a commitment to provide world class coaching that changes people’s lives. We Inspire, Enable and Transform.

Self Belief

Self Motivation

Self Responsibility

Self Purpose

Self Development

This workshop is for everyone who genuinely wants to move to the next level in her/ his life with more commitment and ownership.

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Balancing Act- Preparing first time manager

This two day program prepares new managers for success by enabling them to strike a balance between people and processes.
  • Understand yourself and your leadership styles
  • Take ownership and accomplish tasks within stipulated timelines
  • Polish the essential skills of the art and science of listening and clarifying
  • Effectively track resources, facilitate meetings and projects
  • Understand the importance of introducing systems and processes in an environment to enhance performance and deliver better results

Transformational Leadership

Why Transformational Leadership

A six-nine months' journey designed to focus on the common goal, aligning themselves with the company's vision and core objectives, focusing on the importance of strategic thinking, thereby creating a winning team with leadership abilities, and an appreciative culture.

In the current era of volatility, unpredictability, complexity and ambiguity, managers need to adapt the way to navigate. Transformational leadership is defined as a leadership approach that causes change in individuals and social systems. In its ideal form, it creates valuable and positive change in the followers with the end goal of developing followers into leaders. Enacted in its authentic form, transformational leadership enhances the motivation, morale and performance of followers through a variety of mechanisms. These include connecting the follower's sense of identity and self to the mission and the collective identity of the organization.

Organizations need to be 'Built to Change' in order to create value at the sustainable basis. Understanding the forces driving change, and visualizing opportunities. Creating conditions that enable transparency and agility in people whilst simultaneously managing continuity; fostering behaviors, attitudes and performance metrics that promote a culture of Strategic Leadership and sustained value creation for their comrades and employees.

Through experiential learning grounded in individual professional context, executives gain:

  • Know 'Self' and 'Others' better to realign interpersonal perceptions
  • Enhanced self-awareness and agility to shift habitual reactions while in action
  • Understand the need to move from managerial mindset to a Strategic Mindset there by taking necessary risks to deliver even better performance
  • Be agile and discover their own Unique Contribution in their respective roles and departments
  • Create a Culture of Trust, Transparency and Appreciation
  • A personal vision and a concrete action plan to role- model new behaviors
  • Bridging the Gap between Stated Mission and Behaviors
  • Sustainable practices to stay energized and continuously

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One on One Coaching

Participants would experience six-eight coaching sessions one-on-one, from a certified Coach to create awareness about their own anxieties and enable them to overcome themselves. The coaching session would primarily focus on helping them develop one area, and get themselves aligned with the Organization's Culture and deal with their own challenges.

Presenting with Charisma- Creating Impact

Presenting with charisma is a two day workshop with a methodology that empowers individuals to gain a competitive edge through highly effective and powerful presentation techniques. It harnesses the presenting potential of every individual and it gives them the confidence to present in any given situation.

Create Massive Impact With Any Audience

Capture Audience Attention Throughout Your Presentations

Develop Skills And Techniques Of Master Presenters

Communication for Results

The participants will be able to:

In this two Day Workshop, whether you want to increase your ability to improve your daily relationships, increase your success with interventions, be more persuasive and influential in your occupation or just increase your everyday effectiveness, you can do it through language.

Overcome fears and mind obstacles

Overcome self imposed limitations and Create Self Empowering Beliefs

Create a Breakthrough in Possibility Thinking

Re-question and challenge their existing patterns and ways of operating to as to move to next level of performance

Hone your ability to tailor the structure, content and delivery of your communication in the more persuasive manner