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Create a Coaching Culture

Fearlessness propels progress. An environment where leaders set an example, the right example, of transcending boundaries when it comes to leadership, feedback and collaboration, leads to individuals thriving much like saplings receiving the right amount of sunlight.

An organization with a strong coaching culture serves as a catalyst for employee and organizational growth. Coaching helps focus on specifics resulting in development of behaviours and skills in individuals, one conversation at a time. To build a coaching culture a leader needs to work with his/her subordinates to create awareness and support behaviour change using coaching knowledge, approaches and skills. Inspire partners with you to bring in a shift in perspectives and change the lens through which leadership and coaching are viewed.

In the benchmark 2014 research conducted by the Human Capital Institute (HCI) and International Coach Federation (ICF), 13% of respondents ‘organizations were classified as having strong coaching culture and it was found that these organizations were more likely to have high rates of employee engagement and strong revenue growth.

As per research carried out in 2015, high-potential employees with access to coaching have the largest engagement increases compared to engagement measure taken in the prior year.

Great Expectations | Performance Centered Coaching

Inspire Coaching Systems, a licensed World Class Business and Performance Coaching Company. At Inspire, we have a determination for learning and development and a commitment to provide world class coaching that changes people’s lives. We Inspire, Enable and Transform.

We promote positive attitudes, adopted by those who consistently achieve the perceived unachievable, transforming ordinary people into extraordinary people. Blending this with skills and techniques, putting the learner at the forefront is a powerful recipe for success.

Participants will be able to:

Understand their team members better,and be able to facilitate,& guide

One-on-one or group setting

Understand the role and resposibility of a Co-leader

Think,Listen and Speak like a Leader who could Be a Growth partner

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One to One Coaching and/or Group Coaching

Inspire Coaching Systems stands for credibility, clarity and collaboration. We are committed to enabling and transforming talent beyond imagination and expectation.

  • It can help you dynamic ways in the events that you pursue
  • Better the professional drive with you present networking
  • Discover your vocation changes and improvements
  • Get rid of the aptitude judgment of being "trapped" through the Career coach certification programs in India
  • Better prepare yourself for future opportunities
  • Effectively and meticulously have a robust knowledge of the risks at your profession
  • Straighten your professional life and the individual needs